Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cascade Springs Day

This past week I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from work so we decided to take a day trip to Cascade Springs with my parents. Derek and I had never been there before so we were excited to explore around. Two things were confirmed on this trip.  1. We love being so close to the canyon and 2. Derek, without fail, gets car sick when he sits in the back seat. Poor guy :( Luckily nothing came back up.. unlike other recent incidents that involved Squatters restaurant and a parking lot or a tire swing and mini van...but I digress.

We made it up to Cascade Springs and expected at least a 5 mile "hike." It was far from that. More like a 20 minutes walk around some ponds and stroll across some bridges. It was still really pretty and we were glad to have gone.

After that we went into Midway,  one of my favorites, and walked around. We ended up eating an early dinner at Cafe Galleria which did not disappoint. Wood fired fresh pizzas all around and we were stuffed.  I especially loved sitting outside and enjoying the quaint scenery. I would move to Midway in a heart beat!

Later that night we met up with Chris and Caroline who came down for the day. We went to Roll Up for dessert which was another first for D and I and we Loved it! The best crepes I have ever had..beside my own.  Also I'm obsessed with Nutella now and that place was pretty much made of it, so I was happy. We got the "True Love" crepe filled Nutella and sliced bananas, served with vanilla ice cream. Chris and Caro got the 12" special which was so much crepe they didn't even finish. All around, a day well spent.

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