Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cascade Springs Day

This past week I had Tuesday and Wednesday off from work so we decided to take a day trip to Cascade Springs with my parents. Derek and I had never been there before so we were excited to explore around. Two things were confirmed on this trip.  1. We love being so close to the canyon and 2. Derek, without fail, gets car sick when he sits in the back seat. Poor guy :( Luckily nothing came back up.. unlike other recent incidents that involved Squatters restaurant and a parking lot or a tire swing and mini van...but I digress.

We made it up to Cascade Springs and expected at least a 5 mile "hike." It was far from that. More like a 20 minutes walk around some ponds and stroll across some bridges. It was still really pretty and we were glad to have gone.

After that we went into Midway,  one of my favorites, and walked around. We ended up eating an early dinner at Cafe Galleria which did not disappoint. Wood fired fresh pizzas all around and we were stuffed.  I especially loved sitting outside and enjoying the quaint scenery. I would move to Midway in a heart beat!

Later that night we met up with Chris and Caroline who came down for the day. We went to Roll Up for dessert which was another first for D and I and we Loved it! The best crepes I have ever had..beside my own.  Also I'm obsessed with Nutella now and that place was pretty much made of it, so I was happy. We got the "True Love" crepe filled Nutella and sliced bananas, served with vanilla ice cream. Chris and Caro got the 12" special which was so much crepe they didn't even finish. All around, a day well spent.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Yeaterday we finally got the chance to go to Lagoon. Derek's been dying to go since summer started and with his teacher's discount that ended yesterday, we had to take advantage. We're so glad Jessica and Ali came with us too. We had such a blast and I think Ali did too for his first time. We are sunburnt and a little sore today but it was well worth it!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Donut Heaven

We finally got to try Art  City Donuts last night and it. was. heaven. I mean, literally...soft billowy clouds of cinnamon-sugar, golden brown dough, crispy on the outside but almost gooey on the inside and still piping hot from the fryer. They were even covered a warm cream cheese frosting that really brought it all together. My favorite part, (beside sneaking an extra donut while Derek wasn't looking), was scraping all the "leftover" good stuff at the bottom of the basket (aka, clumps of cinnamon- sugar). It was delicious! 

But next time, we will for sure bring our own water. We were DYING halfway through and could barely swallow by the time we finished the basket (which was perfect for us to split). So afterward, we went to Sonic and ordered LARGE ice waters, strawberry limemade and of course half prices shakes.

I think I'm going to start my own food truck.. talk about a dream job! Driving around, selling tasty treats and enjoying the warm summer nights. All I need is a great idea... I'm open to suggestions. So far I've brainstormed crepes, funnel cakes or "steaks and tates" (as per Tom's request). I think next Thursday we're going to hit up this big event and get inspiration. Let the summer begin!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

OOTD #3: Grown Sexy


Feeling a little "punk" today, so I decided to go with the spikes. To be honest, I haven't wore or even seen spikes like these ones, since the 7th grade when it was cool to wear vans skateboarder shoes and Dickies black pants and listen to Avril Lavine (she is so punk rock). And I'm not saying I know anyone who dressed like that, in particular...all I'm saying is that is the last time I've ever seen them...around. Popular, trendy and totally reflective of my awkward adolescence.

Speaking of awkward, how awkward was middle school? So many different classes, trying to get into the "smart classes" but trying not to look too "smart," new friends, new people, new teachers, school dances, organized competitive sports, gym?, PUBERTY, dating, kissing behind the lockers... the list goes on and on. I know we've all gone through it, to one extent or another. I'm just glad I had some pretty amazing girlfriends to get me through it, see below... (and what was I thinking? Those shoes were twice as big as my feet!)

Anyway, in my "punk" spirit today I thought I would rock my spikes, channel my inner 7th grader (but in a more "grown-sexy" kind of way) and dress for this WARM weather. 80 degrees is sure feeling nice. Nothing like the sun to brighten the mood and lift your spirits. I also love the fact the campus is pretty much dead. Summer is always slower for us which means more free picnic benches and lesser crowds to fight at the CougarEat. Because trust me, waiting in line for 25 minutes to get a freaking 6" turkey on wheat no cheese toasted, is a real pain the *%&#&. But I digress..

So have a happy Thursday or #tbt, whichever you decide. We're hittin' up the Art City Donut Truck tonight for some hot and mini donuts covered in whip cream, strawberries, cinnamon sugar, blueberries and who knows WHAT else. I am so stoked. Hopefully so are my stretchy pants when I roll into them tonight. More on that to come!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Today's post highlights a new skirt that I got recently from my momma. Apparently they were selling like hot cakes last week at a DownEast sidewalk sale, so she walked away with a few. Lucky me!

I am loving this warm weather lately! I cannot wait for summer. Things I am looking forward too:

*The warm sunny sunshine, so I can sit outside during my lunch break and read my book
*Bright outfit colors
*Pretty flowers
*Four-wheeling with the hubs
*BBQ's, BBQ's, BBQ's
*Warm walks after dinner
*Sunglasses and the windows rolled down
*Boba smoothies
*Outdoor movies
*Youth Conference...(we're called onto the committee this year and are SO excited! Is that weird?)
*Park City get-aways
*Cabin get-aways
*Boating and drinking Horchata
*Getting tan.... haha jk. More like red, then pink, then white again. #whitegirlstruggles
Coral and White Striped Skirt (DownEast Basics), Black Silk Mandarin Collar Top (Worthington @ JC Penny's), Dark Chocolate Thick Belt (Worthington @JC Penny's), Coral Sparkle Bubble Necklace (Tai Pan Trading)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mini Series: OOTD #1

In my recent absence, I've been brainstorming new ideas to blog about because I've missed this creative writing process. For a while there I was on my weight loss kick and trying to get healthy (which quick update- nailed it. Doing great, maintaining, feeling great, yippee for plateaus because I'm totally fine with not waking up at 5am for the gym 3x a week). Anyway, I've been brainstorming for a while now a few ideas that I could write about and this is what I've come up with:

1. Food (for obvious reasons... I mean, I work in Catering. I practically eat all day and get paid for it anyway. But I thought if I wanted to blog about food I should start a food blog. Which I did. Which is here. It's a work in progress).

2. My love story (not in the gross, lovey-dovey, TMI kind of way but more along the lines of how me and Mr. D met, our first date, our first kiss and sealing the deal. I don't know, some people like reading that kind of stuff. Well, at least I do. I might come back to that one).

3. My Recipe Magic (This is a new website-y thing where I've started to post some of my original recipes and make some extra cash-ching at the same time. I'm rolling in the dough.. literally I think I'm up to .18 cents now. I might be quitting my day job but I still have to run that past D. You can even find my first ever recipe posted here, and help add to the bank. But again, I thought if I started posting recipes, I'm going to turn this into a recipe blog and hence extaco facto- I've already got one of those. Again, here).

4. Hot spots/eateries in Utah County (hmmm... I might be coming back to that one).

5. Movies
6. My attempts are trying to be craft
7. Pinterest fails
8. The things I see at BYU
9. Guys who dress like girls and why girls like guys who dress like girls
10. Men wearing skinny jeans (I mean really? That cannot be comfortable...for any party involved).
11. Obamacare, eh never mind, I don't care that much.

And the list continues. But what I ultimately decided to write about, is basically what I wear, everyday. Let the ooh's and ahh's begin.... I know its not the most original idea but it's something I've enjoyed "capturing" lately and looking back over the months, weeks.

Hence the mini series, OOTD (or for all you internet-slang-challenged: Outfit Of The Day).

I'm not a fashionita by any means but I like my clothes (most days) and I feel inspired in my girly-trendy-chic combinations (on occasion), so I figured why not. Don't get me wrong though, my go-to outfits mostly consist of my black stretchy yoga pants and a big comfy T-shirt (usually one of D's). But on the rare occasions that I do try, I thought I'd document. So let's begin the day with post #1, Maxi Wednesday.

Black Maxi (Cotton On), Peach Tank (American Eagle), White Scooped T (American Eagle), Tan Coat (Similar at Target), Accessories Lia Sophia Jewelry and Fossil Watch.

Forgive the poor pic quaility and the bathroom shot... it's probably the only mirror I know of that can capture a whole body pic, so let's be honest, you'll probably be seeing more. 

Anyway, more fun combo's coming your way and potentially other mini series as per mentioned above. Thoughts/comments are always welcomed.

Stay classy UT. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

So maybe I'll just say whats up

It's pretty obvious that I've been away for a while. Once I completed my weight loss challenge and was finally happy with the weight I was at, I sort-of plateaued. I was/am still working out but have scaled back to only about four times a week, trying to keep in mind portion control and what I put into my body. It's still a challenge and of course the holiday's were no support but considering past years, I think I did okay. Yes there was pie, lots of pie, and cookies and cake (D's birthday) and other tasty devils but now it's the new year and time for me to strap back in the saddles. That's what we do in January, right? Go through denial, self loath, then polish off those running shoes? Yup, that will be me and rightly so because hey guess what, I didn't work out AT ALL for the last two weeks...but I'm okay with that since we were in CALIFORNIA.

Christmas break, D and I both got about 10 tens off so we took advantage and drove out to Santa Rosa. It was heaven. We soaked in the sun, played on the beach, breathed in the Redwoods, visited my old house and spent lots of time catching up with dear friends and family. It was great. We even made it to our second Raider game vs the Broncos, which once again presented itself to be an eye opener. But D had a great time, especially toward the end when the Raiders finally decided to show up and score two touchdowns in the last three minutes.

Our life has been pretty steady though. On the surface. We both have been fully absorbed with our jobs and learning new things in our chosen professions. D loves teaching but hates the commute. He has enjoyed coaching his freshmen boys at Brighton and I have loved watching them. They are actually really good! My job is great. As you can see, my last post was in July before Fall semester hit. Fall semester at BYU is our busy by far, especially with our commitments to football. I enjoyed working as an Event Coordinator in the Cougar Room and selling lots of tiny old men bratwursts and nachos. They were super sweet and really passionate about BYU which was fun to admire. My favorite part was helping put together the ice cream sundaes that the second floor loge boxes get to order right after half time. They are a MESS and we time ourselves to make them all in under 10 minutes. I think we accomplished this goal once but ended up giving our staff free ice cream anyway. It was a looong season.

Other than that, I'm doing better. I've emotionally had a rough couple of months but am choosing to be happy every day. Through my own trials I've learned so much about myself and the sweet man I married. He's been my rock. Hands down, the anchor that holds me in place. He has taught me how to look on the bright side, stay positive and take each day one at a time. I am so grateful for him because now I know that no matter how hard life gets, he will always be at my side, fighting for me. I just hope I can do the same.

I've especially learned to lean on my Savior. To literally pour my heart out in prayer and fasting, knowing that He is there, listening and loving me all along the way. He knows what I'm going through and He has been by my side in the darkest of hours. He is real, He is there and I know He has a plan for me. My greatest challenge is and always will be, trying to understand what that is.

The new year is upon us and yes I will make resolutions, yes I will review my past goals and yes I will try to work out like crazy again. But until I decide what those resolutions are, I'm just going to keep on living and trying to be happy and better every day. Some that I've already thought of:
-Create and maintain a budget
-Save save save lots of money
-Get my face out of my stupid phone and in front of real people
-Develop meaningful, real relationships with the people who matter
-Be less free with my words
-Learn a new skill
-Grow within my job
-Pay off our car
-Loose 5 lbs and maintain

These are just a few that popped into my head. I'm sure more will come. Until then, have a righteous Friday :)